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Today, I'm linking up with With Love from Texas for this blog hop on my teaching beliefs.

The funny thing about looking for a new position, is listening to others beliefs about their students, program, and building--it focused my own beliefs about the students I work with.

I believe in my students--they can do anything.  I think this is why  love doing student data folders. It is the singularly most important thing that I do with them each year. They take at SMART goal and create their goal and then charge for it. Are the goals always reasonable-no but the important fact is the ownership of their learning.

Others always find it weird to party of other little things like making a goal or finishing a book. These are the things that make my day.

I think one of the hardest things the do in small group is getting them to take risk. They now the other members and sharing is hard but setting up the group rules and not judging them for speaking up and sharing. They in turn get to the point where they understand it's OK to talk and share.

In sum way this Dr. Who quote tells all about my teaching.

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Teaching in the Heart of Florida


  1. I agree with your belief of high expectations and an atmosphere where risk taking is okay.

  2. I agree with your belief in setting high expectations also! I feel the same, I expect a lot from my students and I know they can reach those expectations!

  3. Your classroom really does sound great! I love how you encourage them to take risks - it will for sure help them in their futures!

    Teaching Autism


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