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Its funny to think about going Back to School. I'm hoping to have a new position in the school district that I grew up in. But everyone in Parker is getting ready to go back.

My room is in storage. Well everything I own is in storage. Last year I moved, got half way to buying a house and then lost my FTE, so everything is still in storage:(.  I keep all my students in binders--the IEPs, contact notes from parents, teachers, and outside therapists. I also create student data binders, so they can keep track of their own data. I have found it to be very powerful with motivation.

One thing that I do add to my student binders is specific materials that they are working on mastering that are tied directly to their IEP goals. One in particular students always struggle with is reading non-sense words without segmenting. I created it so students could go from segmenting to reading the whole word with each word on the ring. Plus, I love how I have been able to move students basic reading skills with this product.

For the first time last year I used GoogleDocs to create all my collaborating documents with classroom teachers. It was one less thing I had to keep track of and everyone could add information to. I kept SMART goals, progress monitoring notes, and who was taking care of what. No losing anything.

Because the size of my caseload, I put all IEP dates on my calendar--meeting, call parents about set up date and time, testing dates. Anything and everything that has to do with meeting compliance I have there for the whole year. Missing dates should NEVER happen. This is my may to make sure that it doesn't.
I drive my team mates crazy with how organized I happen to be. But I try very hard to leave school at school. My life is so much better when I don't bring it home-besides I anything I bring home says in my bag.

I put everything in binders both my students and my lesson plans. Plus, I do everything on everything online.

 What I wouldn't do for more time--there never is enough time to move students. I would wish that by the end of the year students find themselves and realize that they have a voice and they can use it!

I love my timer. I always use it. Be it for warm ups or for the whole group time. Its the only way I can find to stay on time  Teachers hate it when students come back late.

Yes, lesson planning take time. (I use I plan on my laptop and keep my iPad on my teaching table. I can print it out when asked to I need too. Its not free but for 12 dollars I can set it up to meet the needs of those in the groups.)I find that the more time I put into a lesson plan and really think it through from beginning to end the more bang for my buck I get each day. I try to sketch out the whole week even if it changes I know where the group is going. Knowing the group or student scope and sequence and where they are headed each week is time well spent.

When I think of authors in my classroom Dr. Seuss takes up more room than any other author. My promise-I'll make you work hard because you can and it will take you places you never dreamed you could go.


  1. I love your idea to use GoogleDocs as a collaboration tool! What a great way to save time but still get input and communicate with everyone!
    Miss Lulu

  2. I'm thinking about using for the first time this year. I've heard good things about it and when I tried their free trial, I really liked it. And I think with so many different groupings it'll make my life easier than trying to fit everything into a powerpoint slide or on one page in Word. :)
    I like your quote. I try to work my students as hard as possible because I know they can as well. Even if no one else sees their potential.
    X is for Apple

  3. Oh wow! Your past year has been crazy! Hopefully it will settle down and you will get that position you really want.

    Dang, I really need to learn more about the Goggle Docs! What a great way to communicate and collaborate with the general education teachers!

    A View Into My Classroom

  4. I also plan all dates out in advance! This way, there is no excuse for not having work completed. I am hoping to learn more about Google Docs too!


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