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I send home or give parents lots of things over the year--data, progress reports, and newsletters. I have many parents that ask for about reading levels about what students need to do either to move up or simply give them an idea about where they are in the big picture. The "Parent's Guide to Reading Levels" contains both DRA and Fountas and Pinnell reading levels 1st to 6th grade with a brief list of major themes that have to be mastered. The other form I use to track my students over several years. It's great for IEP meetings because everyone can see the students progress over the years. It is labeled in Fountas and Pinnell. My building uses both-we give the DRA twice a year and our core reading curriculum in labeled in Fountas and Pinnell. I'd love to hear what you share with parents throughout the year. Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. Thank you I am a 2nd year sped teacher for k-3 kiddos and I am always looking for resources to help me better explain to the parents what is going on with their child.


  2. I love your reading progress sheet that shows kinder-7th grade! It is so easy to use and read. I think I'll start using that this year:) Thank you!

    We are ALL Special!


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