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Why is teaching writing so hard? I don't remember it being so difficult but that was ages ago. Things have changed so much since I was 12. Back then, things like Common Core, State Standards or State Testing were not on anyone radar.

Did you know on average American students spend less than three hours per week on structured writing activities? Or that it's possible to increase the amount of time students spend writing to 4 hours a week. Until I went to the Every Child a Writer training--I had no clue.

Common Core aligned writing to include post high school needs and increasing students ability to complete expository writing. Most of the writing students do is narrative and the rest of the world wants employees who can write a description or argument. Being an Elementary Special Education teacher, I'm always looking at what students need to be successful after they leave me. Thinking down the road is hard but it helps in planning where students need to go.

I many cases my students don't have IEP goals for writing but they have problems writing more complex pieces once they move beyond a paragraph. Helping them move pass this is difficult. I hoping that by using ECAW in small group with I have them that they can go back to class with a strong knowledge in writing that their classroom teacher can help fine tune their writing--to move them forward.

I have put together the the begins of I Can posters for my students. As my students work through writing this year, I will be adding to them. I hoping that these target will focus students to work on one thing at a time. This way when they go to work on their own writing they a focus on one thing instead of several. Once one is mastered they can focus on anyone.

I'd love to hear how others teach writing. Do you go into class, pull out? Classroom teachers what works for you??  Enjoy a beautiful and restful weekend.

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