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Last week, I had the pleasure to trained in "Every Child a Writer." Every Child a Writer is a resource by the National Literacy Coalition.  Over the last couple of years, my building has been training teachers to use this resource. I love the fact that it moves students--no matter how they write. I'm so excited to use this next month with my students. Guided writing groups are created using a scored writing sample at the beginning of the year. Students are moved between groups depending on they did on their daily independent writing. Students are writing daily--at least 15 minutes. Writing just like reading, if you don't practice you don't get better.
This will be very cool for my students. It will make teaching small group writing to students.  Everyone using the same language will help use build upon each years knowledge.  They have created ways to progress monitor students, to show parents and use with students. To help focus students, they create a TAPP: Topic, Audience, Purpose, and Plan. It goes on the top of all pieces of writing.  I will share more throughout the year, as students write. I created a poster for TAPP to share and a reading rubric for you. Have a beautiful Monday.


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