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This week has been filled with blog hopping. I love finding new ideas

My guilty pleasures hmmm....
1) I need my SyFy. Weekly is best but I'm all for a weekend marathon of Eureka or Sanctuary. I'm sad now since both series have finished their runs and need to find something else to get my weekly fix.

2) Starbucks. Need I say more. My once a week treat iced latte in the summer and hot when it gets cold. Usually on Fridays but for really long weeks--maybe more ;)

3) I need help. I can't be left alone to shop on Amazon. It starts with one book and within minutes it becomes four or five.  I love, love books. I buy books for my classroom library all the time. I buy books for students to take and read. Does anyone have a 12 step??
4) Shark Week. This year its 25 years old. For one week each year, I get all the shark you can handle and more. Misunderstood but beautiful.

I love blog hopping. Be sure to check out the others linking up. Click on the top picture to hop that way.


  1. My children and I watched Shark Week this year. Some of it was very informative but other shows were very graphic. My son and daughter thought it was the coolest thing. I think they watched in none stop and recorded it when we were home. I think they were addicted to that. :)

  2. Man, too many mistakes there in that post. Sorry about that. I'm typing way to fast.

    "I think they watched it none stop and recorded it when we were not home"

  3. I would agree but some like the flying sharks are just so cool. Who knew they could do that. I have to DVR them too. For watching later.

    Thanks for hopping by.


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