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No matter if its Wilson or Just Words, I have found the my students need more practice with Long A combinations and Long E combinations. Both Wilson and Just Words teach vowel consonant /e/ way before students are introduced to vowel teams; which is great for my students. They get a chance to mastery one before they have to take on another.  Word study also has to be built into guided reading. I try to pull it directly out of what the group is reading so that they can see and read the words in context. How do you use word work in your guided reading groups? Happy Sping Break--I'm off to enjoy Colorados beautiful spring time weather!!
Safari long a and e

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  1. Wow! What a cute idea. The graphics are adorable - sure to excite children. I like the way you call double vowels "teams." My kids just accepted the fact that y at the end of a word says the long e sound. Our language is too confusing sometimes. Fortunately kids just go with the flow! Do you mention that the first vowel in the team "talks" while the second one is silent? Have a great vacation, Renee


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