October Show and Tell

This month has been a crazy fun filled adventure. The year is getting into full swing with students creating systems they need to be successful and show they understand what they are reading. Here is a view into my room this month.

This set of posters was added last month to help all students check their behaviors. I love this as I set a visual expectation for each task like "Group Instruction" or "Test." Students are aware of what the expectations are before I start talking. YEAH!!!

I love putting things in pictures. Pictures move faster to the brain than words. This one has become our Problem Solving Rubric which shows not tells students what is needed to score a 3 on the rubric. Problem Solving is one skill I want students' to take back to the classroom. The picture helps remind them what it needs to look like.

Book Tasting any one? This was how students' showed they created meaning from what they read. We even shot videos that show them out at a picnic. The fun they created with a green screen. It was amazing to see what they liked and disliked about what they read. The picture was the hardest (yes, the hardest) thing for them to create as it needed to show something from what they read.

This month has been about putting in place systems. I have two groups moving more towards being a grade level and need more time to work in a rotation schedule. In their time with me, they will over a week work through three stations plus guided reading. As they also need to have time to show how they create meaning strategically in what they are reading with each book. We'll see-this could be a big fail.

If you have taken part in Michelle's HUGE Teachers pay Teacher giveaway it is below. Have a great week.

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  1. Looks like you have all kinds of great things going on in your room! Thanks for linking up!

    Forever in Fifth Grade


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