January Pick 3 Linky--Teacher Collaboration

I think one of the more challenging parts of being a special education teacher, is finding time to talk (really talk) with classroom teachers. This year has only been made more difficult by have close to 40 students on my case load--that I see during a day.  I thinking sharing with teachers about their students are doing towards IEP goals is very important, it also gives me time to share with teachers specific ticks and tips that have worked since the last time I met with them.

 "Learning at the Primary Pond" has created a 1 page communication log for each student but I use it for all the students in the teachers class and put it in her box weekly. This way the teacher knows what kind for progress has been made toward IEP goals. This is also great to keeping everyone on the team in the loop with what the student is doing well and what they need to work on. Perfect
for progress report time or IEP writing time.

 Google is a girls best friend. Google is an over worked special education teachers best friend. The thing I like about google is that I can share my data with teachers before meeting with them. I have found that this makes our time together more focused and easier to create short term game plans. Edgalaxy has highlighted 12 different ways to use google to collaborate with teachers--my favorite being the forms which I can then turn in to graphs. I love my pictures at meetings-this does it for me.

My teachers like most are stretched to the point of breaking, when I'm looking for something new or to reinforce the idea that teacher collaboration I turn to Edutopia. They always have real life examples, ideas and conversations about what is new and old in education.  I have shared videos and articles with teachers from time to time.  This one is to "Ben Johnson from teacher leadership and getting the most on teacher collaboration.


  1. The check off list looks so helpful! Perfect to easily show progress. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and linking up with us! :)

  2. I LOVE the communication log!! I always struggle with what I should work on with my friend who comes to visit us each day, something like that would give me ideas of what she still needs more work on!

  3. Pinning your post for later! Great information. Thank you.


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