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Its been a very bust weeks of school. All the special education staff in my building are either new to the district or to teaching. I have spent most of my time finding ways to support the classroom teachers. Not know what kind of support they have had in the past-most seem very thankful to the support and sharing of knowledge. With that in mind I would like the share three of the pins that I have past on to them. Finding easy to understand information that doesn't require a special education degree is hard.

Dyslexia goes back to a students ability to read. In Colorado, we don't have an educational label for dyslexia. But that doesn't stop teachers for looking to new ideas to help student out. This pin has several great ideas that my K-2 teachers very excited to try out once they get up and running small groups. 

The teachers I work with are always looking for information about ADHD and how best to work with these students. This pin gives teachers ideas on how to work with these kidoos. In most cases it boils down to classroom management and building in brain breaks for the whole classroom. FYI: Best practices are brain breaks are great for all students!

Like every where else, my building has seen an increase in students with an educational label of autism. My teachers have said they are one of the most difficult students to work with because what works for one may not work of another in the same class. This is difficult but do able. This pin has some great ideas. For more great ideas to support classroom teachers or find special education resources visit me on Pinterest at click here.

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  1. You have shared some great tips for starting off the year meeting the needs of all students! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  2. Thank you for sharing your pins! This information will be very helpful for a few of the students I work with! :)

  3. I am a retired Special Education teacher. I was so surprised when I read your post that every Sp. Ed. teacher in your building is new to the building or just new to teaching! What a difficult situation! You will all learn together and lean on each other. Hopefully, you will all grow as a group and create a great Special Education department for your building. I wish you all a good year.


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