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One thing that drives my family crazy is the TV is always on when I'm working on the blog or store or just grading and planing. Today I'm linking up with The Third Grade Nest this week for her Top Ten Favorite Shows.  Some have come and gone while others are still on and other yet I watch the re-runs. Sometime I let it run the background while I try to get things down.

I also look for story lines that make sense from week to week. I hate it when they totally jump off the rails and go down a rabbit hole that makes no sense whats so ever.

One thing that I also gravitate towards is SyFy-I get
that from my mom. It has to be in the realm of possible.

These are my go to shows when I need to get work done. What are your favorites?

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  1. Great list! Bones and Criminal Minds are my faves too :) So glad you linked up ... can't wait for next month!



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