Pinterst Pick 3: July Link-Up

I can't believe that summer is a third of the way over. The crazy thing is that I still have my list of things to do to get done. Where did June go. I'm currently dog sitting my sister's dogs this weekend. 

My first pick is an idea that I love. I have done many different things to get students to learn sounds and make words. Taping squares on the floor has raised eyebrows. 

This idea of lunchroom trays is the best I have seen. This would be perfect for three sound words. I think they would fit in a guided reading basket. 

Each year I work on make my data collection easier. Last year I created folders for students to keep their data in--my principle was floored that my first graders were able to track their own data. Plus, parents loved it. This pin has a link to free student data sheets--I plan on adding them to my student data folders int he fall. 

Every summer I have this pile of books. I try to get through them all-sometimes it happens but not always. This summer I started the pile about Spring break and its been growing ever since. Sometimes I think I need a 12 Step for Amazon with all the money I spend there.

Since, it's Friday I have a freebie for you. Be sure to sop by my store to grab it. My Kindergarten Tic Tac Toe is great for literacy centers and Daily 5 for students work on to help learn their sight words.

Have an awesome Forth of July.


  1. Those lunch trays are a great idea! I've gotten the raised eyebrows a few times as well in the past. Anything that keeps word work interesting and engaging! If you get the trays, I would love to know where you find them at. Thanks for sharing.

    The Chalkboard Garden

  2. I love the lunch tray idea! I will have to be on the lookout for those! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up! :)

  3. The lunch room tray is a great idea! I'll be on the lookout for those.
    Burke's Special Kids

  4. I used to teach kindergarten and I think those trays are perfect! I would have loved them!


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