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This morning I'm linking up with "I Heart Grade 3" as part of her Weekly Summer Link-up. This weeks topic: My Favorite Quote. I'm also writing to you from the beautiful highlands of Colorado Rockies. This summer the wildflowers have been in full bloom. If your in the neighbor hood I would take a morning and enjoy a day hike here.  

This summer I have been asked time and time again what my end goal is for students. It's begin hard to teachers and administrators to understand why I have an end goal with high expectations for getting students back in general education instead of expecting a year or more growth from all students.

Why??? As the quote says--not everyone can make two years worth of growth in a year. I would rather have six months of solid growth than a year or more crappy non mastery growth from someone. Very one can get there but it's the time frame that matters at the end of day. 
This is where data comes into play. It becomes more about what kind of growth the student made last year. Do they always make six months or two months of growth? I had an administrator tell me once two/three months of quality is better than a year of crap. But it's not about watering it down or giving up on them. They can do it!

Einstein was on to something. Each student that walks through my doors is different and they are different each and every day they walk into my doors. They are not fish but their morning or weekend makes a huge impact on how they are perceived--they are smart but today it just may take a little more patience and understanding to get them to show it. Have a great week.


  1. Such a great quote to remember, especially on those super tough frustrating days!

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  2. Love that quote! I wish the people who write our standardized tests would realize that too! It's our job as educators to find the strengths in each student and to foster those strengths.

  3. This quote is my mantra when I am having a bad teaching day. It forces me to take a step back, reflect, and most importantly, cool down.

    Thanks for linking up!



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