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This spring I found out I had extra money to spend for my students. I decided to add a sensory table. So far we have used the basics-rice, beans, water etc. I started looking for other things that could be added. I came across this idea-

I love the idea of bringing sensory play to my students. This idea provides my students with both sensory needs but also some science. This takes students through four different environments. I have start with the snowy mountains, then the ocean and forest, ending with the mud. 

A way this could be expanded would to add animals which leave in each environment. My older students have taken this and included the idea in their science projects write-ups.

I love reading a book for the sake of reading a book. But some books, have to some kind of follow up.

Using small bags to keep materials together works great for a resource room and traveling materials. For one of my students to access the book, I copied the book and then added pictures that she can pull off to interact with. This is a great way to move into questions and working with a students receptive language skills.

     I love this idea for working on sight words or other difficult words. I have never been able to get them to last the whole year-I always have to make more.

Have a great first week of May

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