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This is one of my favorite times for year. I LOVE tulips--this is the only time of year in Colorado where they don't cost an arm and a leg. But I also start thinking about next year of things I want to change. For this months Pick 3 is in that idea. 

I came across this link on Pinterest that has tons of free PECS. I love Boardmarker and have created many things for my students through the years with it. This year I'm using PECS for vocabulary words and story vocabulary for students. I don't keep them. I'm not sure I want too but having a place where I can go find other pictures before I go to Google would be a big help. Plus its makes a great place for me to send teachers who don't have Boardmarker or are just wanting to dabble in adding pictures to things.
These guys have free PECS too but I love how they have stored them. I like said above I don't tend to hang on to my pictures but this would be an easy way to keep them and a place where I can send teachers who are looking for one or two things without having to do it for them.

I use PECS for more than creating schedules for students. I also create games, books, and activities for them because some have such large language deficits it helps them out. I like this mat because its simple and an easy way for students to build vocabulary around a words with out me having to do tons of prep.

I hope I have inspired you to try something new or started the wheels moving on tweaking something that you do all ready. Have a great weekend and check the out posts.

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  1. I have never heard of PECS! What a great resource! Thank you for linking up and sharing! :)


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