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 I have shared from time to time about my two dogs. They are Italian Greyhounds that found their way to me through a local rescues. In many ways its like they rescued me. The two of them go with me everywhere. They are in many ways like velcro. Aria and Louie love being part of my pack.

Aria came to me by way of a Fall Break and a long drive. She had been picked up by Animal Control and was sitting in an animal shelter 5 hours away. She was just skin and bones with kennel cough on top of it. They figured she has been on the street for at least two months. She was so thrilled to go to a pet store on the way home;) She was four at the time. She loves the park or hiking and even climb 14ers. Fellow hikers always stop and smile when they see her in her backpack.

Louis came to me from a Foster mom north of me. He has Lupis, bad skin, but great teeth. He's my leggy boy. He too follows the sun. He goes goes with his girl. Even to the top of 14ers.  He takes care of her too. Even when it comes to going to the vet-they travel together unless it comes to spending all day with the vet.

They run with a larger pack. My sister has 3 others. They go out with us to the park, hike, or climb 14ers. Right know they are all living together--they all love the sun and get alone with each other.

Be sure to check their photo album, pick up a freebie, and click your way to a chance at the giveaway.

Have a great week. I'm looking forward to Spring Break in the Colorado Mountains with both Aria and Louie.

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