High Frequency Words

The last two weeks have been NUTS. Pulling schedules together at the beginning of the year is always crazy but in the last two week I had days where both mine and my para's schedule changed twice before lunch. Really-I have to say--I just want to get started and not deal with that mess. But I think it's finial all worked out and I can get down to business.

When my building does flext testing, one things that all students kindergarten to fourth grade are tested on the 500 High Frequency words. The hope being like with phonics instruction that ALL students know all of them and it becomes a non issue when students move through the RTI process. This year, I have taken that insane list word words and broken it down into groups of fifty and color coded them. Creating Super Hero High Frequency Words.

Each fifty words is a different color with word cards, graphes for reading and spelling, and labels to for students to brag about their accomplishment. I have added two of my favorite fluency building games one with dice and the other uses a timer and can be built of specific student needs. This packet is perfect for RTI and small groups. You can find at my store here.

I'm giving away three to the first three people of leave a comment on my blog. Make sure you leave your email address, so I can send you your freebie. Have a great week. Stay cool!!


  1. I am always looking for sight word work for my students and this looks like an awesome packet. I am doing this on my phone and hope I am one of the first three, which would rock! Have a great week!
    Jannike Johnsen

  2. Is it to late? I would love one of those packs:]
    I am very impressed with your blog.

  3. So adorable! If you are still giving one of those away, I would love one! I am also your newest follower :)

    Mindful Rambles

  4. This is great! I know I am the fourth person to comment, but I would love to use your packet. I was unable to find your store.

    Thank you.


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