"Loving Wisdom for New Teachers" Linky Party!

It's hard to believe that the new school year is just around the corner for many of us. I'm linking up with Fabulously First to bring new teachers words of wisdom. Its hard being a new teacher. New building, new staff, new families--its hard work. The world of education has changed so much since I graduated from University of Colorado in Colorado Springs that each year I'm  also learning something new.

I want to welcome all of you as new teachers and say that as you enter this profession for the first time this year just be prepared.  You will learn quickly who will and will not help you and those that will help without asking.  It's tough work being a teacher. This year my state has moved towards pay of performance. This is no joke even for those who have taught for several years. You have to really love teaching to take that on everyday. But I wouldn't trade that work for anything-I love the students I work with and the challenges they bring. Each day is something different and no matter how prepared I think I am some days just get away from you.

You will find by keeping your door open others will feel welcome to visit your classroom. Be willing to accept their words of wisdom as you move through the year. It will help build friendships and teaming with your teammates. 

You learned many things will in school but none of it will help take on the real world of having your own room. Each building, each grade level, and each team have their own way of doing things. You will not have been trained in everything out there. Your first year is not a time to be shy. Ask questions and ask for help if you need it. Don't wait until your underwater and have limited ways out. You will find teachers in your building that are more helpful than others. If its not your teammate-find someone that you can plan with and trouble shoot with. 

As you start your year, you have come across new ideas and new thinking. Decide what makes sense to take one. If you don't have to take it all on-DON'T. Stick to what you HAVE to do and do it well! The rest will come and you master your day.

Lastly, love your students. There will be days you will remember and days that send you screaming through the halls. Kids remember even longer what is said to them. Watch your tone and the words you use. You have power to motivate and the power to crush. Be wise with what you say-you can't take it back.

P.S. Above else--love what your doing! Smile each day. Find something to laugh about. Be present and the day will come to you.

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  2. I love your words of wisdom! I am a special ed teacher as well. Laura


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