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The school year is fast approaching. This is a good time to review some great information to help parents and provides with the little guys. Catching these guys before they get the elementary helps them get off to the right start. I have some tips of choosing apps for early childhood.

Examining apps for accessibility prior to using them in the classroom and developmental appropriate learning experiences is a must. For example: an app may require extensive fine motor manipulation to gain any educational benefit or may only work on a device that doesn't provide tactile feedback. Such an app might not be a good choice for most young children, and may not especially difficult for a child who has cerebral palsy. This chart has several questions that are designed to help you think about what a great early childhood app should have and look like. (Click on the picture to get your copy.)
The other piece I wanted to share was a Receptive and Expressive Language Milestones from birth to five. It has guidelines of what children show be doing as they grow up. Its just a guide. Have a great weekend.


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