RTI and LD: Finding Answers

The National Research Center on Learning Disabilities, has materials to help parents and teachers get the answers they need about RTI and LD. They define confusing terms and explain new education models, such as response to intervention and its relationship to the methods schools use to determine whether a student has a learning disability. They suggest questions that can be asked to teachers and administrators at your child's school and identify information you can expect to receive from the school.

NRCLD's goal is to help educators, policymakers, and parents understand the complexity and importance of making sound decisions regarding whether a child has a specific learning disability. Their  research in this area--including studies of the role of and best practices associated with responsiveness to intervention.

Big changes in education law. Big changes in your role as a teacher. Big changes in your classroom. You need help. Their materials are designed to answer your questions about specific learning disability determination and responsiveness to intervention. They include "how to" tools to help you navigate RTI and video segments of teachers describing how they have answered some of the same questions you may be facing.

A resource that I've shared with parents and teachers is their "ABCs of RTI." It takes the confusion out of a very complex system.

What resources do you share with parents?


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