Parents and IEP's

I know for some schools they have IEPs right from the beginning of the school year straight through to the end of the year. Some (like me) are supper busy the last half of the year. Since, I work in an elementary school many times my parents have no clue what an IEP is or if the student's ILP is the same thing. (No)

The road to special eduction is not a mystery and we should make possible to make sure parents understand the process. This removes confusion and makes that initial staffing go much more smoothly.

In response to this, I have a handout that I give to all parents when they sign permission for assessment. They have told me that it has helped in preparing for that first meeting and getting some clue about the special education process. Anyother ideas about helping parents through the process that you have found that work for you??

A Parent's Guide to the IEP

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