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Smiles and Sounds

One of my 6th grade students, has found Katie Perry's "Firework" inspiration this year and wanted to share a video that she found on You-Tube. It was created last spring by one of our local high schools. She has found strength and courage from it as she gets ready for middle school. I also smile and sing along when I hear it on the radio. (And at times dance)

Many of my students have mastered knowing the ending sounds are for words. But I have one that it's apart of his daily instruction as he gets ready for 1st grade. This set has the ones he struggles with. I hope you find it useful.
Final Set B M R S

Isolating Phonemes--Initial Sounds

From KPM Doodles
This will one of three posts on isolating phonemes that I will share as I create materials for my small groups in kindergarten that are struggling with mastering these skills.
Isolating phonemes is a strategy that allows students to recognize individual sounds in a word. Attending to these phonemes increases students’ awareness that words are made up of individual sounds that connect together to form a word. When students apply this strategy, they are demonstrating their ability to think about and separate individual sounds from one another within a word (e.g., the first sound in dog is /d/, the medial sound in wet in /e/, and the final sound in like is /k/.  

Identifying phonemes is a strategy in which students focus on separate distinctions of initial, medial, and final sounds in words in recognize their similarities and differences. Students who can use this strategy are able to think about and notice that two or more words may have the same initial sound, medial sound, or final sounds. Identifying these sounds is important as students move through the development stages of reading, and it provides students with a tool for reading as well as writing.

Initial Sounds

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