Appy Hour: Where's My Water? & Why I use it

I introduced a group last week to "Where's my Water?" To be honest (if you don't know it) it's a game. So why in the world would I let them play a random game--well that's easy--to work on problem-solving and critical thinking.

Where's my Water? is a free app. The other reason I love using this app, I can reset play each time I use it.

The other thing to remember with consumption apps is it's not an everyday thing or even an every week thing--maybe a once a month thing and in addition to other problem-solving activities. I use it as an additional tool in my toolbox. I also have my groups earn there play time.


My district teacher's rubric has problem-solving, critical thinking and system thinking as part of my evaluations.

How I use it?

Bottom line: they play--we talk--they write and share

As it gets harder, students have to do more to pass each level. It takes trial & error learning from your mistakes to pass each level. These are things are shared at the end of each group sessions.

Those mistakes and how they did it is where the learning is. Students share how they passed a level or share how they solved that problem. Students are scored on our group made feedback rubric.  This is the evidence I add to my evaluation rubric.

This conversation is added to Seesaw by video or in writing to show their thinking as they played. Students have the last 5 minutes of our 20-minute group to this.

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