Instagram Challenge

As, I was reviewing my goals. I was getting lazy with my Instagram feed. I needed a change. I needed a challenge to help me.

So for January, I am upping the ante. I am taking actual photographs each day of the month. (I know, it's a crazy plan.)

I have come up with my own January Photo of the Day Challenge. Some are a theme for the day others are more specific, so get creative and think outside the box--just like I push my students too.

I hope you play along! I'll share my pictures on my Instagram feed at @toadallyexceptional

Tag me at @toadallyexceptional and use the hashtag #toadallyjanuary so we can show you some Insta-LOVE all challenge long! 

INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!! Tag your friends and feel free to repost this graphic! The more the merrier!

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