Tested--Now What?? Reading Comprehension

A quick note as I'm getting ready for Spring parent-teacher conferences this week. One of the assessments I'm helping my classroom teachers with is the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment). Even though it has fallin' by the wayside, my teachers and I love having a solid number where students are reading at.

FYI the DRA can be given to students kindergarten to sixth grade. To determine a level students decoding (words on the page) and their comprehension (understanding) and with harder text reading fluency (speed) all of those factors most score at an independent level on the rubric to be at an independent level. The same is true for the Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Systems.

How what am I going to do with the rest of my year?

Well..what about using the rubric to create skill groups to move students more before the end of the year benchmark get done. After spending the first part of the year teaching decoding with phonics and vocabulary instruction--it know time to really focus on comprehension. One of my favorite ways to work on comprehension is through games. This is one of their favorites, they are always asking for...be sure to get uses here.

More to come on using the DRA or BAS rubric to create goals and instruction. Have a great week.

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  1. I love using games, too. Comprehension is a hard thing to teach, but making it fun helps! I sometimes make a "5Ws game which is similar to a Jeopardy game, where you have to choose a category and number and answer the question hidden underneath the post-it note. It is a favorite!


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