April Show and Tell

I'm linking up with Forever in 5th grade this week to highlight 4 Show and Tell goings on my the life and class. As with Spring Break in Colorado, I'm knee deep in snow again. (FYI it was 75 Wednesday.)

It's been a crazy couple of weeks since coming back from Spring Break. I've had students planting and making videos, playing with Easter Eggs, and building new ways to work with vocabulary. 
These are Vocabulary Builders. Vocabulators: choose a theme for your jar (like ocean) and fill with rice or beads, ocean words, and objects like animals from the ocean. Use to help kids get ideas for writing and use good vocabulary! I've made two different sets--one has a lid (like below) and the other I put in larger food storage to be used with young kiddos that got double as a sensory bin. The next plan for these is to get rid of the words and use pictures and plastic animals.

I have to say-I've looking for Easter eggs on sale of ever. I scored the day after Easter and wipe the store out of there plastic eggs. I can't wait to finish these with numbers for my kindergarten RTI kiddos to use to help with number sense. Pictures to come on my Instagram page--later this week.

I have not done planting with seeds since I taught preschool some 15 years ago. I had a student ask if they could learn about seeds. The problem--my room has NO windows. After some research, I found that I could use an indoor garden grow light. I leave it on during my day and turn it off when I leave. Well as you see--it worked!!!. They have loved checking on them and creating videos to show off their knowledge. The videos are a work in progress with lots of trial and error. They have decided they look green screen better than shooting just a plain video. (Creating green screen has taken some trial and error.)  More when the students finish them.  And yes, to make it work you do need a create a green background. Being out of butcher paper, I found kiwi green curtain panels at Walmart to make it work. I have also found by using the app Green Screen  by Do Ink for $3.00 worked way better than trying to get it work on iMovie. 

I have to "furchildren." Aria and Louis are Italian Greyhounds that I have adopted from the IG Rescue in Colorado. They spend their summers hiking, camping, and backpacking. In the winter, snowshoeing is their thing when there is not tons of snow and the trail is broken and packed. Being cold is not favorite but they would rather go with their housekeeping staff instead of being left behind. There preference is a warm morning at the off-leash park where they can run and mom doesn't have to worry about the street.

Have a great week. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to get a pick into my classroom.

Currently, April

Spring Break is over. In those two weeks I came an Auntie to a very cute EJ--he will be a lady killer when he's older:)

The weather has been great in Colorado post Blizzard, warm with the sun shining meaning lots of time outside at the dog park to make two greyhounds very happen. With nine weeks left in the year, its going to be over before I know it.

I have been thinking about how to grow my students vocabulary without losing the little instructional time I have left. I'm hoping my two ideas of Errorless Writing Prompts and Building Number Sense with an ebook (no print) will help without taking up tons of time.

I'm forward to having my students create their own ebook and play with the possibles of having these guys lead their own conferences with them. I hope you had a great Spring Break. (click on the pictures to go to my store.)

April Pinterest Pick 3--Guided Writing

As the year winds down, I have time to start thinking about those things I want to change. This has been the first year, where I have had strides making direct connects for students between reading and writing. I have in the past made things two very different things because that's what classroom teachers are doing. This year with the lack of time, I had to make them go together. My students have always written about what they read this year they do both in the same day. These are ideas I want to take out for a spin
 before Summer break.

I plan to do this on Monday. We had 2 weeks for break--this would be a great way for them to share in either in pictures or words about what they did.

I'm always needing paper. It doesn't help that my OT is only in the building a day a week but finding the right paper when I need it is a problem--finding it free is even better and I don't have a remember to ask my OT when I see her. I can also change the paper on a whim. I really love having paper when the picture on top and the lines under it. It's not something in my building that is used. 

One of the hardest things I found this year was getting students to tell me if they liked the book or what part of the book they liked. I like this as a way to get them to tell me if they liked it or not either in pictures. I think this is as hard as getting them to make connections to what they have read. 

I'm looking forward to trying all of these before Summer Break a great week.

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