Predicting through Synthesis

Last week I shared how I had a reading group where all the students were in different books. Well, this week, they did predicting through synthesis. Predicting is one of those skills that all readers learn how to do early on but well worth revisiting at each reading level because the depth that students must use this skill changes.

I started with a modeled lesson using "Wednesday Surprise." The format was "At first I was think... but while I was reading my thinking change .... Then my thinking changed ... Then my thinking changed again ... My new understanding is ... This format requires students to determine what was important as they are reading so that they can add and change predicting. Remember that synthesis is all the reading comprehension strategies to create a new understanding of the book. The group determining important anchor charts are below.

Using "Wednesday Surprise" to get this group started was great but they still need help making the connection between all the pieces needed to using predicting to create a new understanding of the text. So we did "Just a Dream. (I love his books.) We used the same template as before. 

This book required the group to also do more inferring because of the pictures. This didn't stop them from creating a new understanding of the book.

This week student's will do this task on their with their own books using the same template. I can't wait to see what they come up with. Tying all these strategies together was not easy for them but in the end they got it. 

Have a great week. Stay warm or in my case hang onto something (high winds for yet another day)


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