Multiplication Accommodations and Instruction Ideas

My third grade students are going back to multiplication after Christmas Break. This will be the second time they will have had the content. This time I have to get them to mastery. These guys have a working foundation of the meaning of multiplication through creating models to represent equations.

What are Accommodations for Multiplication?

These are suggestions for mathematics learning accommodations based on specific learning disabilities. These learning accommodations have been proven successful with many learning disabled students. Not all of these learning accommodations are usually needed for most of the learning disabled students. Even using all these learning accommodations may not circumvent every student's learning disability. However, in every case the learning disabled students must be taught math study skills to help compensate for their learning problems.

Visual Processing Speed/Visual Processing

  • Note-taker
  • Re-Work notes
  • Tape Recorder with tape counter
  • Large print handouts
  • Large print copies of important textbook pages
  • Taped textbook
  • Turn note book sideways
  • Take notes in different pen colors

Short-Term Memory/Auditory Processing

  • Note-takers
  • Re-work notes
  • Tape recorder with tape counter
  • Physical proximity Math video tapes
  • Tape record important tutor explanations

Fluid Reasoning/Long Term Retrieval

  • Note-takers
  • Re-work notes
  • Tape recorder with tape counter
  • Handouts
  • Math video tapes
  • Fact sheets (flash cards)
  • Color coded problem steps
  • Tape record important tutor explanations
  • Strategy Cards for Higher Grades
  • Calculators
Anchor Charts that will help these guys understand the relationship between repeated addition and arrays. Both of these will be perfect. They have to master a least one strategy to solve multiplication problems. 

Division is new for them, so I will have to teach them a couple of strategies as well. This one will take them some time but will practice I'll get them there.

Have a wonderful Christmas Break and a great break. Safe travels to all who are traveling. 



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