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This coming year, my new mate is split between two schools half time. Question: How do you share RTI information with team members who spend half of their day in another building? Answer: With a Google Site.
As I have shared earlier, I want my team to have there own chart with just the identified students and maybe the tiered students within those groups to track growth. Just like our general education teachers have for all their students.

So, I decided that instead of have a paper and chart that gets hung--I would create something that viewable anywhere and could we could build upon it as the year progress. I created a Google site. It seemed to be the one way we could put meeting notes, planning notes and SMART goals for all groups and our RTI charts. We can add our weekly meeting notes with updated data on goals. More closely monitor that students are making more than a years growth.

The home page has a staffing calender and reminders for SMART Goals.

 The Data Wall for Reading has the categories broken down with the data points and the student data embedded in a spreadsheet on the same page. No flipping through to find the data. The team can see the whole case load in one shot. The Fountas and Pinnell level expectations for the whole year as well. (Get your copy below.)

The second page has the math data. Like with reading-one side has the data points for the year.

Google is perfect because we can add the same charts for the middle and end of the year. Charts can also be added for progress monitoring too. This will become the perfect way to share data throughout the year with everyone on the team.

Pulling this site together was easy enough. Some trial and error finding a template that would work best but that the nice things about Google. Plus documents created in Google talk to Google sites.

It's hard to believe that school will be starting soon. I spent my morning unpacking my room. I'll share pictures of my new way to store my iPads later this week.  Have a great week. If your traveling--safe travels.


  1. I love this idea! Quick question, on Google sites- can you restrict access to certain members like you can with Google Docs?

    Miss, Hey Miss

  2. Yes, with Google you can control over who can see as well as edit. In my case, only my team can see and edit.



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