My Summer Plan-

Summer is half over. My piles still abound. All I want is for them is to go away. Is that asking to much? I didn't realize that I brought that MUCH home with me.

I have decided that I need a list. This will help me focus as I'm short on focus and long on enjoying my summer. Here it goes-
1. Guided math lesson plan format using Math Comprehension
2. Data/RTI forms for reading, writing, and math-These need to include WADE, WRS Charting, Acuity, DRA, DIBELS, and Building/Class writing samples; plus anything else
3. Create a working format to use RTI Colored Charts for identified students (maybe with their unidentified group peers). The cards need to be of different colors too. My building uses the three colored pocket charts to identify students across the tiers in reading. I want something for this but for reading, writing, and math.
4. As part of Building Leadership: reread Guided Math and finish Lesson Plan (pink book from Scholastic) This I have to do before our retreat next month.
5. Investigations Math “I Can” Statements and Common Core Checklists for first and third (high needs grades first--then everyone else)
6. Writing “I Can” Statements and Common Core Checklists for second and third (high needs grades first--then everyone else first)
7. Finish CBB plans for reading and math journals to use as examples

Anyone else have a list going of things that need to be done before going back? I hope to get this all done before I have to report but if I spend a little time each day I should be able to get to all of it. Have a great week. Safe travels.


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