Tech Next Steps and a Sale

 As I reflect and plan for next year, I had an offer to become a member of my district's iPad Power User Group (iPUG). One of the goals of this group is to create a plan on how iPads should be used in classrooms. I have shared a number of ways to use iDevices in a way that has moved us from consuming material and creation. I have done this by using Blooms Taxonomy. The district is using the SAMR  model. The thinking behind it is very simiarial to Blooms thinking but I will tackle this over the summer.

Aditi Rao's thinking around how technology is used, I think best illustrates the direction we have to go in order to get the most bang for out buck when using tech. Her blog "teachbytes" as many great ideas and is worth stopping by.  
All these pieces will be part of my summer planning. I was given the gift of a one to one iPad this year and have created some pretty awesome produces and seen my students shine and take off. I can't wait for next year and where I can take it from here. 

PS: Everything will be 20% off May 7th and 8th. Use the promo code: TAD13 at checkout for 10% off everything on the site. Plus, add an additional up-to-20% off from the MANY Teacher-Authors who join in.

Have a great week. What do you take home to plan for the up coming school year?


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