Guided Math in a Resource Room

My building has been slowly, slowly taking on guided math. As a building we are moving towards pulling small groups after whole group instruction. My question is how do you maintain rigor of what students are doing while you are meeting in small groups.

Before going to Spring Break, it was decided that I would be providing replacement core of three of my sixth graders and about half way through my time with them I provide support to a small group of fifth graders that come as well.

I have decided to use interactive notes for both groups for the rest of the year. I came across this from Rundes Room on Pinterest, where students are responsible for the learning goal and the proof. This is perfect for my students because it aligns with how I write my daily learning targets.

My students have to provided proof that they have mastered the learning target every day. Even in reading, when the target and outcomes are the same all week. This will mean that I will have daily evidence of what my sixth graders are doing while working on their own. It will be interesting to see how this idea works with both Investigations and Do the Math. More to come as I play. Have you used interactive notebooks, I'd love to hear how they turned out. Have a great week.


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