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This year I'm in and out of classrooms for math. When I'm in class I support core and help teachers help all students access core. When it comes to pulling students out for support, its for work because we don't have anything that moves students quickly enough to help them access core material. This is more true for students  in the upper grades, my district doesn't have a tier 3 math program. A couple of resources were shared just before break that I wanted to share that should help you out in your small group math planning.

Illustrative Mathematics has activities based on Common Core Math standards K-8.  Membership is free. All the activities are hands on and designed for small groups.

Solon's Math Recovery has several  math videos covering numbers words & numerals, structuring, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, and place value. (Structuring is a skill that supports efficiency when solving additive and subtractive tasks as students learn to compose and decompose numbers with and without visual support.) The activities are hands on and have suggestions how to adapt the activity. They have a nice list of links worth checking out.

I;m looking forward to using some of these activities next week. Have a fabulous weekend.


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