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I can finally relax after a long week of parent/teacher conferences. Next week I have to start on progress reports and report cards. Perhaps something I can get done Wednesday afternoon. I want to share two free apps that I found early this month and have been trying out on my students. Both apps are free and you have to use both to get the program to work. Its Socrative Student and Teacher Clicker.

Student Socrative

Teacher Socrative

You have to create a free account on their website to create the quizzes on. The students log into your digital classroom and complete the activity that your created. I have used these as a quick check about students know and results are send to me by email and I can create a plan of attack. This has been a great way to engage my students using iPads.

My 6th grade students are getting ready to start decimals. I have created a game to help them practice decimals. You can get your copy here. Have a wonderful week. To my readers Back East be safe and your in my thoughts and prayers.


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