Technology and Students

If your students are like mine, they are always asking "What's my password?" And then it depends on what system they are trying to log in to. So, then I spend the next 5 minutes finding the right log in. AHGGGG!!

Last year I put them on index cards for all my students and put them on the wall. If you didn't know it, they went there first before raising their hands. One problem with this system is that students have to go through all the cards to find their's. Not that they would know what to do with someone else log-in but getting students to be responsible consumers of technology; they need to know that it's for their eyes only. (I have problems getting them to log out correctly.) I came across this today and love it. No more worrying about wondering eyes and everyone has their own color strip. Even my kindergarten students can find theirs.

                                                              Source: via Charity on Pinterest


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