How Should Students With Learning Disabilities Be Identified? and Glogster Pictures

I came across this article posted on Education Week, "How Should Students With Learning Disabilities Be Identified?". It talks about how RTI has become the new "Wait and Fail" model. My team was told at the beginning of the school year, that RTI could not be used to delay or deny access to special education and an IEP. Colorado adapted RTI two years ago as the only means to identify a student with a learning disability. Each year we get a little bit better and create a stronger model to support students before they fail. This year we got really good at hold Student Study Teams monthly with classroom teachers. How does your building/district have RTI set-up?

Last week, I had my students practicing visualization using poetry. They had to pick a poem and them use pictures to describe what they saw while reading the poem. They had a blast using Glogster to create their visions. Here's a couple of examples:


  1. My school has also adopted the RTI process. This coming school year will be the third year it has been adopted, but this last year was the first time I have seen it somewhat executed. Since I am a special education teacher, I know all the ins and outs of what comes with RTI. I also did a research paper on RTI in my grad program. At my school, we have an RTI sheet the teacher must fill out and collect data on the interventions attempted with the student. I do not feel our school has a clear idea on how to properly function the RTI process yet. I think it will continue to be a learning experience. I would love to hear how other schools are doing on the RTI process too.
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  2. RTI is pretty similar here, and kids are supposed to go through it before being put in special ed. Secretly I think its kind of a waste of time. RTI is a good idea if a kid is falling behind and just needs to caught up... but if the kid is going to need RTI for the rest of his school life, wouldn't he be better served in special ed anyways?


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