Ending Sound Fun

I have a couple of students that have become accustomed to listening for beginning sounds and leave off the ending one. It’s like they don’t hear it.  I have created a sort and game that will help these guys listen of the last sound they hear. It doesn’t matter if the word ends in a /e/ because they won’t hear it.  When I do word study with students who don’t have the decoding skills to read the word, I use pictures for concept, word sorts, or games. Some think that phonemic awareness instruction can be strictly oral but I have found that the students that need more than the average practice to master the skill pictures help all students. Fountas and Pinnell have several activities geared toward sound isolation in their Phonics Lessons: Letters, Words, and How they Work (grades K and 1).

My building doesn’t use their phonics materials as the core phonics program. In the past three year we’ve gone from Fundations from Barbara Wilson to Mondo Phonics. Mondo is our core guided reading program. Pick one and use it every day until students demonstrate mastery.

Helpful Websites:
ReadWriteThink offers a lesson to teach phonemic awareness. The lesson uses chants and matching activities to help students recognize words with the same sound.
This lesson may be too easy for second grade, but it reinforces words that have the same sound.
This website offers many lessons for a SmartBoard. About halfway down the page, there is a lesson for beginning and ending sounds.
Supporting Picture Books:
Kellogg, S. (1992). Aster Aardvark’s alphabet adventures. New York, NY: HarperCollins.
This picture book is a good book to read-aloud. It features sound substitutions at the beginning of words.
Slepian, J. (2001). The hungry thing. New York, NY: Scholastic, Inc.
This book also features sound substitutions at the beginning of words. It helps students focus on the beginning sounds.
Gowler, R. (2001). Barnyard song. Hartford, CT: Atheneum.
If you want to focus on ending sounds, this book can help. Using it at as a read-aloud will allow you to find words that end the same.
Ahlberg, A. (1999). Monkey do. London: Walker Books Ltd.
This book also features words that end the same.

Final Set B M R S

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