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Web 2.0--Prezi

Earlier this week, I posted about using Web 2.0 tools to create a final product. Prezi was the first one I tried. (Free account for teachers to use for educational purposed only.) Prezi is like a Power Point but its much, much shorter. I kept students to the templates, so they had three boxes to put the key word that would help them remember what the main idea was. No sentences. Plus, it's easy for the students to use and it doesn't take days. I'm a big fan of short, sweet, and student friendly when it comes to technology.

For my comprehension reading groups, I use The Comprehension Toolkit by Stephanie Harvey & Anne Goudvis. They have written a Primary version as well that I use. The Toolkit teaches students comprehension strategies through gradual release.

My sixth graders have been working on using the strategy "Sift and Sort" to determine what is important to help them find the main idea. Once they have found the main idea and written it down, they move on to creating their Prezi. The group will present to each other on Monday.  Here's a look at what they look like. All on a single screen. As they move through the presentation the document will move to each header.

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