February Pick 3 Pinterest Linky Party

The longest time without a break is going from know to Spring Break. I have to say these ideas I found from Pinterest I can't want to use in my class.

I spend one day a week working on building sight words and language skills, I love this idea as a way do more practice by not so much as a board game or just flashcards. This idea can be used with any word card. The freebie I have for you, I created language skills with pictures to build student vocabulary. I had a hard time finding a trashcan like this one but I did find one at the Container Store that would be small enough to work.

My Base 10 storage doesn't exist. I have three piles of blocks. This would be the perfect solution to moving them for small groups. These were not easy to find but I did find them at the Dollar Tree here. I had to buy more than what I needed but this will solve a small group math management problem--no more loss Base 10 blocks.

I have used Elkonin Boxes during guided reading but this idea to have it on the floor is something I have started for a couple of students who don't hear all the sounds in words with three sounds. My room is all carpet, so I used blue painter's tape. They love jumping for each sound. My hope is that I soon see it in their writing.

Be sure to pick up your freebie Language cards. Have a great week.


  1. I love the containers for the base ten blocks. I so need to find those. Perfect storage!

    Quinnessential Lessons

  2. I was going to post the exact same rubbish bin monster! But I decided on something else instead. It is perfect for making those CVC and CVCE words :)
    Going to have a look at the elkonin box pin now!
    Sheri )

  3. The Elkonin Boxes on the floor are great! Good way to practice and to get movement involved. I might need to try that with my kinders.
    The Chalkboard Garden


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